The Ultimate Drag Bag


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Designed by a sniper and backed by the National Tactical Officer’s Association, the Ultimate Drag Bag by Voodoo Tactical is loaded with premium features for long-distance shooters. The sturdy pack cloth construction withstands dragging over rough terrain and offers lasting service life. Its padded interior and retention straps firmly secure firearms, preventing shifting during transport. The cushioned divider allows for carry of two long guns without damaging their finish and further safeguards weapons from impact. The bag includes a pair of internal handgun pockets, as well as full-length pouches for scopes, tripods, ammo and a smaller removable pouch for cleaning equipment. Silent zipper pulls provide rapid access to equipment without betraying a tactical position. The pack’s exterior incorporates a large number of tie-on loops for securing ghillie camouflage if necessary. The Ultimate offers multiple convenient carry options, including carry handles, a shoulder strap, the drag handle or configure the adjustable and removable shoulder harness for muzzle-up, or muzzle-down carry.

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