Stukon-u Pocket Holster


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The StukOn-U pocket holster builds on Galco’s decades of experience with pocket holsters. Its Gripper Shell exterior helps the holster grab the inside of the pocket, while the closed-cell foam substrate gives the holster shape and sturdiness. Finally, a layer of 420 denier packcloth lines the holster to both protect the handgun and smooth the draw. The StukOn-U is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket. It keeps the firearm in the same general position so the grip can be quickly located during draw, conceals the shape of the gun so that its outline is not printed through the pants, and allows one-handed release of gun from both pocket and holster, especially when using a ‚hooking‚ draw technique to catch the edge of the holster on the pocket as the handgun is released. The holster‚s Gripper Shell surface assists in keeping the holster in the pocket during the draw.

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