Scope Ring Alignment And Lapping Kit 1


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This kit improves scope mounting two ways. First the short bars let you know when the front ring is in perfect alignment with the rear one. Second lapping the inside of the scope rings will reduce or eliminate any shifting of the scope inside the rings and will also remove machining marks that can scratch the finish on the scope. This is State-of-the-Art scope mounting and will provide you with confidence that the job has been done right. The kit included 2 alignment rods lapping rod with handle (8 steel shaft plastic ball handle) and 1 oz jar of 220 grit high quality silicon carbide lapping compound. Properly aligned rings create more surface contact with the scope tube to keep scopes in place during heavy recoil. Misaligned rings cause stress on the scope tube which can dent the tube distort the reticle and cause adjustment problems. Scopes will need to be sighted in following the use of this kit.

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