Safe Escape 3-In-1 Pepper Gel w/ Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker


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Make your commute safer with the Sabre Safe Escape 3-In-1 Pepper Gel. This pepper gel provides the tools to help you get out of your vehicle in the event of an emergency and protect yourself against an attack. The built-in belt cutter helps to cut seat belts and free yourself in an emergency. The window breaker tool helps to break windows if your vehicle doors are jammed or the electric windows fail to operate. This unit deploys 25 powerful bursts (5x the competition) of pepper gel and has a 12-foot (4 meter) range for protection at a safe distance. UV marking dye helps the authorities identify an attacker after theyre sprayed. Flip top design allows for the immediate deployment of your pepper gel in high-stress situations.

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