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Quick Slide Belt Holster

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Out of stock


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ANY and ALL Firearms on this part of the online store (for First Responders) are available to First Responders only, such as Police, Fire, Corrections, and Emergency personnel. Professional credentials of First Responders are required for such firearm purchases.


Building on the hybrid design of the extremely successful KingTuk IWB and TacSlide belt holsters, Galco added quick on-off belt loops to create the new Quick Slide. The flexible, lined steerhide backplate complements the rigid Kydex holster pocket, providing not only the comfort gun carriers want, but the performance and durability they expect from Galco.

The Quick Slide’s near-neutral cant and open top make drawing and holstering fast and simple, while a passive retention device located at the trigger guard provides exceptional security. Mounting to the belt via two widely spaced snap loops, the Quick Slide pulls in tight to the body to provide excellent concealment without unnecessary bulk. Combine these features with its silhouetted design and it’s easy to see that Quick Slide is the go-to holster for just about any variation of firearm it carries.
Gun Fit – Ruger Security-9
Gun Fit – Glock 45
Gun Fit – Glock 35
Gun Fit – Glock 34
Gun Fit – Glock 33
Gun Fit – Glock 32
Gun Fit – Glock 31
Gun Fit – Glock 27
Gun Fit – Glock 26
Gun Fit – Glock 23
Gun Fit – Glock 22
Gun Fit – Glock 19X
Gun Fit – Glock 19
Gun Fit – Glock 17
Gun Fit – CZ P10F
Gun Fit – ZEV OZ9 (STD & Compact)

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