Model 7378RDS 7TS ALS Concealment Paddle & Belt Loop Combo Holster for Glock 19 MOS w/ Light


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The 7378RDS holster is designed to fit and protect handguns with red dot optics. It features the ALS (Automatic Locking System) retention, an internal locking device that secures the firearm in all directions simply upon reholstering. This ergonomic design features a straight-up draw and the release is completely operable with the thumb, making it very instinctive to use.

The 7378RDS holster has an open-top design without SLS for quick retrieval of firearm. This model is constructed of the innovative SafariSeven material, a high performance nylon blend. SafariSeven is highly durable and practically impervious to the elements.

Gun fit:
Glock 19 MOS ITI M3
Glock 19 MOS Streamlight TLR-1
Glock 19 MOS Streamlight TLR-1HL
Glock 19 MOS SureFire X200
Glock 19 MOS SureFire X300
Glock 19 MOS SureFire X300U
Glock 19 MOS Inforce APL
Glock 19 MOS Nightstick TWM-350
Glock 19 MOS Nightstick TWM-350S
Glock 19 MOS Nightstick TWM-850
Glock 19 MOS Nightstick TWM-850S
Glock 19 MOS Leupold Deltapoint Pro
Glock 19 MOS Trijicon RMR
Glock 19 MOS Dr. Optic
Glock 19 MOS Jpoint
Glock 19 MOS Vortex Viper
Glock 19 MOS Burris FastFire

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