Model 6 Inside Waistband Holster


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This ultra lightweight inside the waistband holster is made of a soft suede with an open top for quick access to the weapon. The heavy duty spring-steel clip holds the holster firmly to the belt or waistband for a secure draw. Rust suede.
Gun Fit- FN FNS 9C
Gun Fit- FN FNS 40C
Gun Fit- Glock 29
Gun Fit- Glock 30
Gun Fit- H&K P30
Gun Fit- H&K P2000
Gun Fit- H&K P2000SK
Gun Fit- H&K USP 40C
Gun Fit- Kahr PM9
Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson M&P 9C
Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson M&P 40C
Gun Fit- Springfield XD 9
Gun Fit- Springfield XD 40
Gun Fit- Springfield XD 45
Gun Fit- Springfield XD 9SC

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