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Double Play Cuff And Magazine Pouch

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ANY and ALL Firearms on this part of the online store (for First Responders) are available to First Responders only, such as Police, Fire, Corrections, and Emergency personnel. Professional credentials of First Responders are required for such firearm purchases.


The A15 Double Play Cuff and Magazine Pouch from DeSantis is a compact carrier that holds two essential law enforcement tools–handcuffs and spare magazines. Featuring an adjustable paddle mount, the carrier can be easily secured and removed from duty belts and unbelted waistbands. A rotating swivel allows users to adjust the A15’s cant for custom and comfortable item retrieval. The pouch itself is constructed from highly durable Millennium material for maximum protection and item longevity. A tension screw system offers quick holster adjustments for a custom level of retention and draw resistance. The case holds one pair of Smith & Wesson 100 handcuffs and a single spare pistol magazine.

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