Deltapoint Micro 3 Moa Dot Matte – S&w M&p


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The DeltaPoint Micro is a fully enclosed, low-profile red dot sight designed specifically for concealed carry and personal defense. Until now, there hasn’t been a compact red dot sight suited for pistols with smaller frames and lower sight profiles, but the DeltaPoint Micro changes the game. Mounted directly to the rear sight dovetail, the DeltaPoint Micro sits at the same height as factory iron sights and aligns the red dot with the front sight, giving you faster target acquisition and improved accuracy. And with eight levels of illumination, you can easily adjust the brightness of your red dot to match current conditions. If you need a rugged and reliable red dot for a conceal carry pistol but don€™t want to deal with replacing factory sights or complicated mounting systems, then the DeltaPoint Micro is for you. Current models fit Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P handguns only.

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