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The latest evolution in the semi-automatic shotgun line, the 1012 uses a gas-less inertia operating system. Instead of redirecting gas from the barrel to run the action, the 1012 uses a spring within the bolt to store energy during the shotgun’s recoil, spending this energy a split second later to rotate and unlock the twin lugs from the barrel extension and withdraw the spent shell. The major advantage of an inertia system is the less stringent maintenance schedule. Unlike gas guns that need periodic cleaning of the piston and magazine tube, the 1012’s needs are vastly fewer. During our testing, we pushed 1012s to 5,000 rounds without a drop of oil or cleaning of any sort, while experiencing zero parts breakage or malfunctions. In normal field use, the occasional cleaning and oiling should be more than enough. Additionally, the gas-less system itself is tuned to run a wider variety of shells – from light-recoiling target loads up to the smoking hot 3 magnums currently on the market. We’ve actively searched out the shells that it doesn’t like to cycle, and so far the limit on ‘too light’ is the Winchester Featherlite (23/25 oz at 980 fps) and ‘too hot’ is Remington HyperSonic (1 1/4 oz at 1700 fps). That means the 1012 will readily digest the vast majority of shotshells on the market.

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