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Take Down Extreme Pepper Spray

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Out of stock


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ANY and ALL Firearms on this part of the online store (for First Responders) are available to First Responders only, such as Police, Fire, Corrections, and Emergency personnel. Professional credentials of First Responders are required for such firearm purchases.


Stop attackers and stay safe while carrying the TakeDown Extreme MK-IX Stream Spray from Mace. Featuring a concentrated OC formula, the spray is designed to immediately inflame the throat, ears, mouth and nose of targets upon contact for immediate immobilization. The burning sensation caused by the MK-IX’s jet stream is powerful enough to temporarily blind and disorient even the most determined would-be assailant. A pistol style grip allows for natural, tactical deployment and offers an impressive projection range of up to 25 feet. The spray’s jet stream style of spray is ideal for hitting isolated targets and minimizing accidental civilian contact.

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Weight 1.26 lbs
Dimensions 5.70 × 2.75 × 9.30 in