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Mike (HMFIC at C.O.P.S. Inc.)

Born and raised in England, Mike moved to the U.S. in 1970 with his family in Buffalo, New York. Mike joined the Boy Scouts of America, during which time he was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. Due to this award, he was appointed to the Mayor’s advisory board.

Joining the military in 1976, he trained to be a Military Police Officer and became a part of the K-9 unit (patrol/Narcotics). Mike was sent overseas as a Noncommissioned Officer. Upon his return to the US, Mike was appointed to Kennel Master, where he trained dog teams in Law Enforcement and Security areas. During this time he also attended college classes at Los Angeles Community College and Phoenix University, where he received training certificates in areas such as Air Base Ground Defense and Presidential Protection. He was granted Top Secret Clearance to work inside command centers and nuclear weapons bases. 

After two tours of duty, Mike became a nuclear security officer for Burns International Security and later a street officer for Channahon Police Department. Working two, or sometimes three, jobs, he also managed loss prevention for K-Mart and became a Kendall County Sheriff’s officer. In 1984, Mike was offered a job with the Illinois Department of Corrections.
While employed with Illinois Department of Corrections, Mike finished his college degree and held positions within the department as Main Gate Security, Tower Officer, Gallery Officer, Adjustment Committee Investigator, Internal Affairs Sergeant, and Shift Commander. He has also served as a Departmental Auditor, an Institutional Trainer, Cottage Manager, and Crisis Team member.

After 23 years in the field, and because of the frustration of not being able to find the proper equipment at a reasonable price to do his various jobs, Mike created C.O.P.S. Inc. (Corrections Officers Police and Security Inc.). We offer more than 34,000 products to law enforcement, emergency services, and public safety organizations. 

Interests also include computers, art, photography, eating bananas, and collecting police memorabilia.


She works as the Office Administrator at C.O.P.S. Inc., as well as a notary. Penny is a professional Amateur Bowler on the weekends. She is always willing to accept donations of Trace Adkins tickets or memorabilia.


Mac is our resident Time Lord who knows Eastern Block weapons and a number of old WWI and WWII weapons, as well as all things Christmas movies. A Certified Chief Range Safety Officer Instructor, Certified Pistol Instructor, Certified Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, and licensed Concealed Carry Instructor, he teaches at Cuspis Training so that you can get your CCL. If there are any questions you may have, Mac is happy to help. He’s official because he has a C.O.P.S., Inc. shirt with his name on it.


The resident Gun Smith, who is very knowledgeable about guns and can fix most any problem. Nick is a Certified Smith & Wesson armorer.


Welcome our new employee Vanessa....Bio to come soon.




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