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Locals celebrate their Leap Day birthday at the Sycamore Park District

SYCAMORE – On Saturday, the Sycamore Park District celebrated Leap Day birthdays with a special gathering for Leapers, those born Feb 29.

The event, held at the Sycamore Park District Community Center, was presented by Sycamore dentist Heather Breuer and Sycamore Park District Executive Director Daniel Gibble, who both celebrated their 15th – or 60th – birthday. The event included cake, the creation of a time capsule that will be reopened on Leap Day 2024 and a jump off a two-story inflatable cliff by the Leapers celebrating their birthday.

Attendees of the party brought baby items, including onesies and toys, that were gathered together and put into bags for the four babies born at Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital on Leap Day. The adult also wrote a note to the newborn Leapers that was included in each bag.

“No matter when your birthday is, if it’s on the calendar each year or not, you have to make it a special day,” Breuer said. “You have to celebrate it because each day’s a gift.”

Growing up, Gibble celebrated his birthday the same day his dad did, on Feb. 25. Breuer said she celebrates her birthday all week long.

“Most people are confused and ask us if we celebrate on Feb. 28 or March 1,” Gibble said. “Having your birthday once every four years is a bit of a novelty. It is unusual, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

Ted Strack of Sycamore attended the party in honor of his older brother Joel, who died in July of last year. Before Joel Strack passed away, he celebrated his “15th” birthday with a quinceañera party attended by about 300 people.

“It means a lot for me to be here and celebrate what would have been my brother’s 15th birthday,” Ted Strack said. “Birthdays are one of the most important days to celebrate, and leapers only get to celebrate on their day once every four years.”